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Loader Scale

Hydraulic pressure scale Saicon can be installed on a wide range of hydraulic equipment, all yellow lines, such as tractor, trolley, excavator, forklift, backhoe loader, crane.

for loading loads, whether for industry, agribusiness, mining or civil construction.
As it is a robust and highly compatible system, the scale allows stock management, even materials in adverse conditions such as dry, humid or wet.

Loader Scale

  • Hydraulic pressure scale allows the execution of various activities present in daily life in agribusiness and industry, mining or construction, being essential stock management

    In summary, the advantages of using a hydraulic pressure scale from Saicon are:

    • Direct weighing on the equipment;

    • Easy installation, minimal maintenance; 

    • Precise inventory management;

    • Guarantee of delivery in the correct volume;

    • Compatibility with all types of hydraulic loading vehicles.

    • Easy installation;

    • IP67 certified  - Resistant to weather, rain, heat, dust, humidity;

    • Agility in loading;

    • Integration with onboard thermal printer;

    • Material memory for dry, damp, wet materials;

    • High resistance.


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