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Scale for mixing wagon

The SN150 weighing indicator was SPECIALLY developed formixing wagon. It has on-board technology, ensuring greater precision in recipes and treatment distribution, in addition to a modern look and an easy-to-operate layout, guaranteeing the best weighing indicator in Brazil. The SN150 has a double display that makes it easy to view the weight and recipes inside the tractor cabin on a tablet or smartphone, with an app available for Android and iOS. quick and logical.

Scale for mixing wagon

  • National product, with warranty, support and maintenance, designed for the most severe conditions of use.

    The main functions of this system:

    • Zero button;
    • Total and partial weight;
    • Timer or counter for mixing;
    • Weighing lock;
    • Quick access button to upload and download recipes;
    • Creation and editing of recipes and ingredients directly on the indicator or through management software;
    • Digital filter with weighing indicator;
    • Calibration procedure quickly and easily.
    • Bluetooth communication as standard;
    • Anti-reflective high-contrast cisplay;
    • IP67 protection Resistant to weather, dust, rain, humidity;
    • Cabling protected with sealed screw caps;
    • Internal and external sound alarm;
    • Communication with printer;
    • Large display for easy viewing;
    • Remote display;
    • Import and export of data;
    • USB port for saving data to the pendrive and communicating with management software.


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