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imagem com um trator e um celular em 3D e notas de dinheiro, indicando produtuvidade agricola

Your production
worth what it weighs

About Saicon
Celo saicon de protudo nacional

We are one Industry with focus on developing weighing solutions and systems, local or on board, for the agricultural, livestock, mining, construction, transportation, and much more sectors.

We produce, with our own technology, scales for mixing wagons, scales for avalanche grain, scales in limestone spreaders, scales for loaders, backhoe loaders, forklifts, trailer weighing by axle, bag scales, agricultural management, precision agriculture, load cells and monitors for agricultural implements.

All solutionsSaicon have high control ofquality, specialized technical support, warranty, and support for parts and accessories and maintenance, is part of our quality guarantee. Let's together generate great results for your business.


Without Saicon scale

With Saicon scale

digital GPS map of a limestone application

Result of application

of limestone at the model 

conventional of the implement.

Desired to apply in the area: 57 t
Applied: 50.16 t


digital GPS map of a limestone application


Result of application

limestone with



Objective to apply in the area: 67t
Applied: 66t

Field results on a farm in Rio Grande do Sul  - Brazil

Weighing solutions for all sectors

Customer Testimonial
smiling rural producer woman

Luana Cavalheiro - Dairy producer

State PR - Brazil

"The scale works well, you can be sure. What I really like about the Saicon scale is that you do everything using your cell phone, the technician changes your diet and connects via Bluetooth and you don't have to keep counting all the time, just type in more cows and follow the diet."


 Saicon Highlights
Our differences guarantee the quality of our products and services
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