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About Saicon

Aiming to be a benchmark in Brazil for on-board weighing by 2025, Saicon seeks to continuously improve its processes and products in compliance with applicable requirements, focusing its actions on satisfying customers, employees, the community and the environment, operating with excellence and profitability, guaranteeing the longevity of the business.

Saicon's innovations are based on effective and efficient research and development activities.

Our engineers work in teams on innovative processes and products for a sustainable future. This is how we ensure our long-term commercial success with tried and tested solutions for different sectors.


Highly efficient and sustainable production methods have been constantly improved over the years and reflect the most advanced achievements. Today, production system integration with a controlled environment, computer-aided technologies, intelligent components and full product traceability allow us to stay two steps ahead of the competition.


Saicon is a Brazilian company that has been in the technology and service market for over 10 years, offering solutions for areas such as agriculture, livestock and industry. With a solid partnership with excellent suppliers and highly competent employees, Saicon is able to develop and provide solutions with high embedded technology at a great cost-benefit ratio.

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