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Scale for bulk carrier | Agricultural trailer - SN100

The scale for agricultural bulk carriers enables accurate real-time weighing, contributing to crop control and management.


With the scale shipped to the bulk trailer, the producer can know precisely what was loaded and unloaded at each point, facilitating the management process and avoiding production losses and deviations, through GPS control of the scale, with repeatability of weight, connected to a cell phone.

With an agile, precise and stable system, the producer can monitor the harvest of the crop with ease and agility.

 Know exactly the loaded and unloaded quantity of your production, avoiding load diversion and losses.

Scale for bulk carrier | Agricultural trailer - SN100

  • In short, the advantages of the SN100 on board.

    • Bluetooth communication as standard;
    • High contrast display;
    • IP67 protection - Resistant to weather, rain, dust, humidity, heat;
    • Internal and external sound alarm;
    • Communication with printer and remote display;
    • USB port to save data on a pendrive;
    • Zero Button;
    • Total and Partial Weight;
    • Weighing lock;
    • Quick access button to load or unload with alarm weight;
    • Digital filter with 6 levels, ensuring better stability during loading and unloading;
    • Calibration procedure quickly and easily;
    • Report generation.


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