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Weighing solutions for:
- Precision agriculture and management
- Silos and cooperatives
- Foot
fixed or on-board shipping

We at Saicon understand the demands of the agricultural sector and the importance of precision in weighing operations. Therefore, our products are developed with cutting-edge technology, combining innovation, durability and ease of use. Our weighing systems are designed to provide accurate, real-time control of the cargo transported. With advanced sensors and an intuitive and stable system, our systems allow drivers and operators to monitor weight during loading and unloading, avoiding overloads. Additionally, we provide high-quality load cells designed to withstand precisely measured conditions. If you are looking for reliable and innovative weighing solutions to boost the productivity and efficiency of your agribusiness, Saicon is the right choice. Contact us today and discover how our weighing solutions can help drive your business.

Your production is worth its weight


Weighing Indicator

Specially developed to be the best option for high precision on-board weighing.
With a modern look and an easy-to-operate panel,
the SN100 has Bluetooth as standard, which makes it easier to view your weight through the app available for Android and iOS.

                                 SN100 Highlights
- APP, with report generation;
- Bluetooth as standard;

- Serial Communication

- High contrast displays;

- IP67 protection;
- USB port Data transfer;

- Internal and external sound alarm;

- Communication with printer; 

- Remote display;

- Zero button,

- Total and Partial Weight,

- Weighing lock,

- Quick access button to load or unload

- Weight alarm; 

- Digital filter with 6 levels;

- Quick and easy calibration procedure;

- Printer;
- GPRS or WiFi;
- Isobus and CAN communication;

- Remote control for opening and closing the discharge tube and electric clutch.

weighing monitor

                       Applications in:

-Grain trailer; (bazooka);

-Limestone spreader;

-Fertilizer distributor;

-Weighing of syrup (self-propelled);

-Garbage compactor;

-Food distribution truck;

-Cargo truck (box or bulk carrier);

-Between others.


Agricultor Sorridente em equiipamento agricola

Evadro Garcia - Agricultor - RS

"We didn't have a parameter, and then with the 

scale on the wagon I know the production per hectare, the weight, now I can sell more accurately, and it makes a difference."

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