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Weighing system for silos SN100

The silo weighing system is a way to identify the weight of stored content, with complete confidence and precision. Quick installation and without adaptations, making the system very precise, and not restricted to silos.
It is possible to use the silo weighing system, in tanks, hoppers, hoppers, among other products.
The system is installed on the silo's support beams without the need for any structural modifications.

Weighing system for silos SN100

  • Some functions of the scale:

    • The equipment has a TARE function;
    • Modern display has the Indication function;
    • High contrast display;
    • Accurate and stable weighing;
    • IP67 protection - Resistant to weather, rain, dust, humidity, heat;
    • Communication with printer;
    • Zero Button;
    • Calibration procedure quickly and easily.

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