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Platform scale

Platform scales enable various activities to be carried out in the daily life of agribusiness or industry, making them extremely important for optimizing production and maximizing profits.


The competitive advantages of using a Saicon platform scale are:


  •  Security when monitoring and forming a batch;

  •  Easy installation, easy operation, easy-to-view display;

  •  Facilitates accurate product fractionation;

  •  Simplicity in defining the value of each item;

  •  Robustness and resistance, which guarantees high durability.

Platform scale

  • As we know, a axis weighing scale It can completely accommodate a large vehicle and its function is based on weighing the axles, an axle group and measuring the gross weight of a vehicle.

    Since axle weighing scales have the function of precisely measuring loads together with vehicles, they are of paramount importance so that small, medium and large companies can optimize production and maximize the profit gained, 

     By opting  employ a  static or mobile axle weighing scale will have the appropriate conditions to measure the weight of your vehicles and, therefore, control large losses, such as fines for overloading or premature maintenance depending on weight. 

    Saicon's shaft weighing scale is everything you need to ensure excellence

    Saicon corresponds to an organization with the role of selling technological and innovative solutions, like yours axis weighing scale, with the aim of promoting the success of its partners  together with the value of its participation in trade.


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