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Agricultural Shoe Scale

The Agricultural Shoe Scale Saicon can be installed on rigid floors (concrete, asphalt), that support the load of the vehicle to be weighed, intended for use  weighing tractors or bulk carriers.

As it is a robust and easy to install, low maintenance system, the scale allows for stock management, weighing accuracy and mobility of use.

Agricultural Shoe Scale

  • Agricultural shoe scale, holds a large vehicle such as a tractor or grain carrier and its function is based on weighing the axles.

    By choosing to employ a shoe scale,the producer will have control and management over production in the field, and avoiding losses with fines for excessive loading or maintenance ahead of time depending on weight, real control of the production collided, received or delivered.

    • Easy installation and operation;
    • Accuracy in weighing with a maximum variation of 1 kilo;
    • No adaptations or modifications to the floor are required;
    • Includes ramps on the scale;
    • Applicable to anylevel floor of concrete or asphalt that supports the vehicle to be weighed;
    • Easy to transport, it can be moved easily.
    •  Easy storage when not in use;
    • Display IP67 - Resistant to weather, dust, rain, humidity
    • Cabling protected with sealed screw caps;
    • Large display for easy viewing.


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