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Transhipment scale

The SN400 weighing indicator can be used for a variety of applications in industry and the field. Its multi-purpose configuration ensures that it is ready for transhipment applications, whether for farmers, industry, construction or mining, with total management of loaded and unloaded cargo. 

Transhipment scale

  • A national product, with warranty, support and maintenance, designed for the most severe conditions of use in agriculture, industry, mining and construction.

    The main functions of this system:

    Direct weighing on the equipment;

    • Easy installation, minimal maintenance; 
    • Precise stock management, loading and unloading;
    • Compatibility with all types of vehicles;
    • Easy installation;
    • IP67 certified - Resistant to weather, rain, heat, dust, humidity;
    • Fast loading;
    • Integration with on-board thermal printer;
    • Material memory for dry, damp and wet materials;
    • High resistance.


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