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Big Bag Scale

The scale for BAG  of 2t, 3t and 5t, it facilitates the work of harvest management and consumption of inputs, especially at the time of planting, avoiding wastage of seed.


With a BAG scale, the producer can know precisely how much was loaded and unloaded, facilitating the management process, especially during planting, and avoiding losses of inputs.


Also avoiding damage due to excessive loading, manage what is being loaded with ease and agility, and know exactly the quality loaded and unloaded.

Big Bag Scale

  • National product, with warranty, support and maintenance, designed for the most severe conditions of use by the producer. 

    The advantages of  a bag scale from Saicon are:

    • Accuracy in weighing;
    • Iron structure.
    • IP67 Certification - Resistant to weather, dust, rain, humidity;
    • Long battery life;
    • Remote control to speed up weighing work;
    • Large display for easy viewing.


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