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Scale for limestone and fertilizer distributor

scale for limestone or fertilizer distributor, as its name suggests, is a weighing system that is equipped directly on the wagon, ensuring that accurate weighing and fractionation occur quickly and simply.

Operating safely and practically, the onboard weighing for limestone spreaderIt has an indicator that shows the weight in real time, providing accuracy when controlling the material.

In this way, Saicon scales optimize tasks that depend on the fractionation of materials.

Scale for limestone and fertilizer distributor

  •  Main functions of the SN100 Saicon scale:

    • Zero button;
    • Total and partial weight;
    • Calibration procedure quickly and easily;
    • Anti-glare high-contrast display;
    • IP67 protection Resistant to weather, dust, rain, humidity;
    • Cabling protected with sealed screw caps;
    • Internal and external sound alarm;
    • Communication with printer;
    • Large display for easy viewing.


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