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Forklift scale

Aforklift scale, It is installed directly in the vehicle's hydraulic system, allowing agile weighing to be carried out during operation.

Operating safely and simply, the forklift scale has an indicator installed in the cabin to show the exact weight of the load transported.

With this system it is possible to optimize processes that depend on cargo movement, reducing the risk of accidents
due to excess load. and also guarantee the useful life of the equipment.

Saicon is the right place to find an accurate, high-tech forklift scale.

Forklift scale

  • National product, with warranty, support and maintenance, designed for the most severe conditions of use.

    The advantages of a forklift scale from Saicon are:

    -Accuracy in weighing;

    - Dual piston and position sensor system;
    - No need to stop the operation to weigh;
    - Agility in loading;
    - High contrast anti-glare display;
    - Internal and external audible alarm;
    - Integration with onboard thermal printer;
    - Material memory for different materials;
    - High resistance;
    - IP67 certified - Resistant to weather, rain, heat, dust, humidity;
    - Easy installation, minimal maintenance;
    - Accurate inventory management;
    - Compatibility with all types of hydraulic loading vehicles;
    - Warranty and technical support.


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