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Weighing system in waste collector - SN100

The SN100 weighing indicator was developed for cargo vehicles, garbage collectors and compactors, with high technology and resistance, guaranteeing greater precision in loading and unloading operations.
With an easy-to-operate look, the SN100 guarantees one of the best weighing indicators in Brazil.

Our system has Bluetooth as standard, making it easy to view the weight in the vehicle cabin, using a Tablet or Smartphone, with the App, available for Android and iOS.

Weighing system in waste collector - SN100

  • Advantages SN100:

    • Bluetooth communication as standard;
    • High contrast display;
    • IP67 protection - Resistant to weather, rain, dust, humidity, heat;
    • Internal and external sound alarm;
    • Communication with printer and remote display;
    • USB port to save data on a pendrive;
    • Zero Button;
    • Total and Partial Weight;
    • Weighing lock;
    • Quick access button to load or unload with alarm weight;
    • Digital filter with 6 levels, guaranteeing better stability during loading and unloading;
    • Calibration procedure quickly and easily.

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