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Weigh cell solutions:
- Load cells
- Hydraulic weighing
- Axle weighing

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Saicon Load Cells are versatile devices with precision and robustness in a wide variety of applications. These are instruments that are becoming essential for many industrial, rural and operational processes in cargo transportation in general. There are many benefits to using load cells, as they are instruments that help with load control, inventory control, reduce operational costs, optimize loading and unloading processes, avoid fines, and reduce the chance of accidents due to excess load. and much more. Our load cells are continually being designed to meet the needs of the market, as we have our own engineering, and are active in the field, experiencing the customer's reality and needs and developing solutions.

Load cell


We develop all kinds of load cells, for the most varied vehicle models. Having load cells installed in vehicles offers a number of advantages for your fleet. Also known as on-board weighing sensors, they provide the ability to accurately measure the vehicle's load, optimizing the loading and unloading work process.

Highlights of Saicon cells

Modular system: The weighing sensors are highly modular, making them easy to install in all types of cargo vehicle.

Accurate weighing: The load cells provide an accurate measure of the weight of the load in the vehicle, avoiding fines for overweight or underutilization of the vehicle.

Operational efficiency: The driver has access to the weight of the load during the loading process, resulting in time and fuel savings.
Improved safety: Knowing the actual weight of the load is crucial to ensure the safety of the vehicle and occupants, and also as proof for insurance.

Cost savings: On-board weighing helps reduce operating costs generating significant long-term savings by reducing waste and optimizing distribution logistics.

Legal compliance: Load cells facilitate compliance with traffic and safety regulations.

In short, installing load cells in cargo vehicles offers a number of advantages, from weighing accuracy to reduced operating costs. With these benefits, hauliers can optimize efficiency, improve safety, guarantee

multiple load cells

Practical Application:

Applicable to all cargo vehicles such as:

-Grain cart;
-Limestone spreader;
-Self-propelled sprayer;

-Garbage compactor;

-Between others.


Smiling Farmer in Farm Equipment

Evadro Garcia - Farmer - RS

"We didn't have a parameter, and then with the 

scale on the wagon I know the production per hectare, the weight, now I can sell more accurately, and it makes a difference."

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