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Management system for feeding beef or dairy cattle - SN250

Total control in your hands, from livestock feed management with the SN250 automation system, it was speciallydeveloped for mixers and feed dispensers.
It has high technology, ensuringprecision in recipes and distributionof the deal.

Being theonly system in the worldable to do thediet adjustment, by dry matter.
With an easy-to-operate look, the SN250 guarantees one of the best weighing indicators in Brazil.

The SN250 hasBluetooth as standard, which makes it easier to view weight and recipes inside the vehicle cabin, using a Tablet or Smartphone, with the App, to replicate the functionalities.

Management system for feeding beef or dairy cattle - SN250

  • Benefits of the SN250 system:

    • Long-distance communication for sending recipes and reports between the scale and the server;
    • RFID Tag Reader, for better performance during unloading operations;
    • Bluetooth communication to view scale operations remotely;
    • IP68 tablet with anti-impact system and high contrast display;
    • Trough scoring system;
    • Various management reports, for better monitoring of operations;
    • Diet loading optimization;
    • Full control and monitoring of diets on a daily basis; 
      Dual display, one for recipes and the other for weighing;
    • Management by tactical tablet, high resistance, and long-lasting battery.


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