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Rate and section control module

Rate and section control module, intelligently regulates and automates the application of lime and fertilizers, avoiding waste and failures. In addition to showing coverage of the application area in real time, during operation. The product has avariable rate application for two types of implements, tracked and based on a gravity flow electric linear actuator.

Rate and section control module

  • Characteristics:

    Possibility of installation on tracked implements and with linear actuator;
    Simple calibration and operation.
    High precision controller;
    Visualization of application traces during operation;
    Records of detailed operation information;
    Monitors and controls the application of up to three solid inputs;
    Import maps defined in the office;


    • Reduction of failures during application;
    • Waste reduction;
    • Better harvest quality;
    • Rationalization of the use of inputs;
    • Equalization of soil nutrients.

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