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- Axle weighing
- Weighing in the hydraulic system
- Load cells 

Your load at the right weight


Saicon is a leading company in on-board weighing technology, installed in the hydraulic cylinder, or by load cells, offering customized and innovative solutions for the mining and manufacturing industries. With solid experience, we are dedicated to providing accurate, reliable and efficient weighing systems that meet each customer's specific needs. Axle weighing, an essential resource for industry and mining, where load control is essential for the safety and efficiency of operations and agility in the loading and unloading processes. In addition to ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and standards. This results in safer operation, reduced fine costs and longer equipment life. Our system allows the generation of automated weighing tickets, simplifying the bureaucratic process and eliminating the need for manual work. Furthermore, our system controls and records heavy materials, enabling them to be accurately classified into categories such as dry, damp and wet. This functionality is particularly useful for the mining industry, where different materials may have specific handling and storage requirements. If you are looking for reliable, state-of-the-art onboard weighing solutions for your industry or mining operations, Saicon is your ideal partner.


Complete simple and accurate

The SN400C was developed for use on excavators, loaders, forklifts, wheel loaders, tractors, and other hydraulic systems.
In an easy and dynamic way, it weighs the product being moved. The system works with two pressure sensors, installed at the fluid inlet and outlet of the piston and with two position sensors, identifying the beginning and end of weighing, automatically and accurately giving the value of the weight carried by the operator.
The SN400C has weighing filters, ensuring system stability and accurate and fast weighing.


saicon weighing monitor

                               Advantages of the SN400C
- Easy to install position sensor;
- Anti-reflective high-contrast display;
- Panel with embossed buttons;
- IP67 protection, resistance to dust, rain, humidity, heat;
- Two pressure sensors;
- Output for thermal printer;
- USB port for importing and exporting data;

                                SN400C options
- Thermal printer;
- GPS module (location of loading and unloading points)
- RS232 and RS485 serial port
- Digital inputs for automation
- PWM and power outputs
- Remote display
- Long-distance wireless communication (WiFi/Bluetooth).

Practical Application:
No installation restrictions for load equipment.
Fast, easy, and agile weighing with material control, dry, wet, easy and quick calibration.
Ensures greater accuracy of stock and material moved and delivered to the customer with a ticket.
Loading agility, the operator needs to move the vehicle less often to get the correct load.

Reduce complaints per quantity delivered and avoid material diversion.
It’s precision, management and savings in one piece of equipment.


Smiling Farmer in Farm Equipment

Evadro Garcia - Farmer - RS

"We didn't have a parameter, now with the scales


on the wagon, I know what the production is per hectare and the weight. Now I can sell more and see the difference."

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