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Welcome to Saicon, a company specializing in load weighing solutions for both industrial and agricultural lines. Our solutions are specially designed to meet the specific needs of each sector. With our load cells, which we can install on practically all cargo vehicles, with precise sensors and an intuitive and highly resistant system, drivers and operators can have total control over the weight of the cargo being transported, guaranteeing a balanced distribution and avoiding overweight problems, among others. In addition, we offer an efficient and versatile solution: the mobile floor scale allows axle weighing, providing a precise measurement of the weight on each axle of the vehicle. This way, operators can quickly check that the weight is distributed correctly, optimizing the loading process and vehicle safety. At Saicon, we pride ourselves on offering not only reliable and accurate weighing solutions, but also customer service for real operational needs. Our technical support team is always ready to assist our customers, from design to installation. If you are looking for state-of-the-art on-board weighing solutions for cargo vehicles and grain transportation, you can count on Saicon. Contact us today and find out how our solutions can boost your business.

Axle weighing

The practical and easy system for weighingvehicles.

The axle weighing system was developed to facilitate weighing without the need to build a special platform, reducing infrastructure costs. With just the kit, consisting of the two ramps and the weighing indicator monitor, it is possible to weigh any vehicle much more quickly, accurately and intuitively.


Axle weighing is a technique that brings a number of significant advantages when it comes to load control and safety in road transport. Instead of just considering the total weight of a vehicle, axle weighing allows the weight exerted by each wheel or group of wheels to be measured individually.


One of the main advantages of axle weighing is the ability to ensure compliance with the weight regulations set by the traffic authorities. By using axle weighing systems, it is possible to check that these limits are being respected. This contributes to road safety, as excess weight on an axle can cause damage to the sidewalk and increase the risk of accidents.


Another important advantage is the ability to correctly distribute the load on a vehicle. Each axle has a maximum load capacity that it can safely support. By performing axle weighing, it is possible to identify whether the load is evenly distributed, avoiding overweight on a specific axle.

Axle weighing technology also brings operational benefits to transport and logistics companies. With efficient axle weighing systems, it is possible to check the weight quickly and accurately, which optimizes loading and unloading processes. In addition, identifying possible overload problems in real time allows immediate corrective measures to be taken, avoiding delays and penalties.

axle weighing

Applicable to all cargo vehicles, provided that the floor on which the scale will be installed is flat and level, made of asphalt or concrete and supports the weight of the vehicle to be weighed without deformity.

Applicable to weighing:

-Grain trailer;

- Cilos;

-Garbage compactor;

-Between others.


Smiling Farmer in Farm Equipment

Evadro Garcia - Agricultor - RS

"We didn't have a parameter, and then with the 

scale on the wagon I know the production per hectare, the weight, now I can sell more accurately, and it makes a difference."

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